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ME- Your husband, father, son, brother, friend, or enemy, villain, and complete pain in the butt! (I’m sure there are children present so “butt” will have to suffice) Writing my own eulogy is proving to be a difficult task, especially considering, I intending on being honest about the life I’ve lived! We have all been to funerals where loved ones are doting on about the deceased as if they had never been human. This will not be one of those funerals.
To my wife: I Love You, and I’m tremendously impressed with all that you have accomplished, but nothing is more impressive than the love and grace you have shown your children and I! I miss you, and cant wait till you get here. In the mean time, please continue to love and be loved! Find …show more content…

Despite my best efforts, all four of you have become amazing people of intellect and compassion. I love you to the moon and back! Four you ask? Peru, hello? Seriously though, the three of you, are all that is good in me! See you soon, I’m waiting.
To my brothers and sisters: I want all of you to know, I love you and cant wait to see you here. It’s beautiful just like you. Brothers, pleural you ask? Ask dad, (Roy not Dave) it’s not my place to explain. Jesse, you know what I mean… …show more content…

The one thing he always knew was that he served something bigger than this world had to offer. Josh later became my brother in law when he married my sister. He loved her with a fierce love that saw them through this life. Whether it was standing by her while they raised their three children or fighting for his life as she stood by helpless, he never quit loving her and his family. His heart was huge and he took that heart to distant places to give pieces of it to people in needed the touch of love through first responder training. He always had more to give. He loved working on his home and his hobbies. From yard work to restoring cars he put his unique stamp on the things he touched. He loved all of his children equally and poured into their lives too. Running, to encourage his son that he could too. Loving dogs, because his daughters love for them, mattered to him. Hiking with his baby girl, because she loved to spend time outdoors with her daddy. One thing always spoke loudest about Josh, he loved. Loved God, his wife, his children, his parents, his family and friends, the fire department and strangers. He loved and he

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