Examples Of Obsession With Disney Movies

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Have you ever noticed how children are so obsessed with Disney movies? They spend their whole childhood watching Pocahontas, The Lion King, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. They can watch them for days, even months on end without ever getting tired. It is kind of creepy, that the world is no longer important to them. It is as if they have been sucked into a cartoon life, like they are brain washed. Yes, Disney brain washes people as kids, when they watch anything pertaining to them. We have been brainwashed so well, that even though we are grown up we get excited and jump for joy even at the thought of seeing Mickey Mouse or Belle at Disneyland. But why are we obsessed with Disney movies? They all suck and show unrealistic ideas throughout of all their movies. For example Ariel lives underwater, we shouldn’t be able to hear her talking. If anything she should sound muffled with a stream of bubbles constantly erupting from her mouth and nose. Speaking of talking if she only communicates with fish and has never talked to a human before how does she know English? Or whatever language Eric was speaking? They could have been speaking French for all we know and she just magically knows what they are saying. The only language she should know is underwater muffles and whale talk. Since she is half human why isn’t her skin shriveled…show more content…
I could go on and on about how unrealistic they portray characters and time periods in their movies. Honestly I don’t see what the hype is about, why everybody is obsessed with them, and how they make so much money. Which brings me back to the conclusion that Disney has everybody brainwashed, since nobody in their right mind would watch something so rinky dink and pay good money for their merchandise a well. So think again next time you’re about to die from excitement when you see perfect little Ariel at Disneyland, and imagine her
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