Examples Of Script On Grasshopper

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Jim and Michael are talking in his office

MICHAEL: All right Jim, your quarterlies look very good. How the thing is going at the library?

JIM: Oh I told you couldn't close it so

MICHAEL: So you've come to the master for guidance? (imitating) Is this what you're saying grasshopper?

JIM: Actually you called me in here, but yeah.

MICHAEL: All right, well let me show you how it's done. (gets on phone) Yes, I liked to speak to your office manager please. Yes hello this is Michael Scott, I am the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin paper products. Just wanted to talk to you, manager-on-manager. (cut to the office and cut back) All right done deal, thank you very much sir, you're a gentleman and a scholar. Oh I'm sorry, ok, I'm sorry, my mistake. …show more content…

MICHAEL: Relax everything is under control Yeah, yeah, yeah oh that's important, right. Oh, this is so important, I should run to answer it.

Tries to leave as Six Million Dollar Man

PAM: What?

MICHAEL: Come on. Six million dollars man, Steve Austin, actually that would be a good salary for me don't you think? Six million dollars? Memo to Jan: I deserve a raise

PAM: Don't we all?

MICHAEL: I'm sorry?

PAM: There's nothing!

MICHAEL: If you are unhappy with your compensation, maybe you should take it up with HR, ok? Not today, ok? Pam just, be professional.

Cut to Michael, talking to the Camera

MICHAEL: I think I'm a role model here, I think I garner other people respect.

Cut to the office

MIICHAEL: Attention on Dundler Mifflin employees, please we have a meeting in the conference room ASAP

Cut back to Michael

MICHAEL: People I respect, heros of mine, would be Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln, definitely, Bono, and probably God be the fourth one. And I just think all those people really helped the world, in so many ways, that it's, it's really beyond words. It's really uncalculable.

Cut to the conference room

MICHAEL: Now, I know there's some rumors out there, and I just kind want to

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