Exemplification Essay: Daniel Bryan's Everyday Life

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The proverb came from Lithuania. Meaning, if someone runs from a small problem someone may run into an even bigger problem. This plan is to explain how people use this in live. This proverb can be used as an reminder for people not to run away from their problem.

Daniel Bryan lived by this code daily.Daniel Bryan didn’t run away from his problems or else he would be in debt. “I saved up enough money for; wrestling school”(Bryan 28). He wanted to go to wrestling school so he can join the WWE. So he worked at McDonald’s as a janitor then made the burgers. He ran away from his problem. “ Scott and I collected people’s payments at the end of the month,, which i was no good at. He needed to collect payments as his job. He missed a person for 3 months, then the guy was really mad because of how much money he owed. Since that incident Daniel didn’t collect payments for months, so at the end of the year he owed more than he collected. He ran away from this problem, then came back to it to solve it and get over his fear. “There I am looking at the fish horrified”(Bryan 22). He is looking at the fish in disguised. The fish's head was cut off. In conclusion, this is how Daniel Bryan lives up to this quote.

Goldberg used this in his everyday life.It lets kids be more inspired not to fear
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We are not doing anything to stop them. “It’s been two years since ISIS declared its so called caliphate”(Miller 1). ISIS hasn’t yet declared their Caliphate. They haven’t invaded again. Running away from one evil may evolve into running away from lots of evil minds. “The product of one evil mind”(Miller 1). Miller is describing that it only takes one to start something bad. Like one can enforce another to do the same. Turkey is a victim of ISIS because they didn’t fight back. “Turkey itself is a victim of ISIS”(Miller 1). Turkey was attacked by the ISIS group. ISIS attacked Turkey as their first target. Therefore, we need to stop
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