Exordium:. Education Is Practiced Amongst Every Culture

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Education is practiced amongst every culture on planet earth, a process of learning. Being able to harness the knowledge of a certain topic is the greatest power to humans. Education can be a long process with trial and error, but the rewards are exponential. Many of us might take education for granted, and also may not realize we are always learning and constantly absorbing knowledge. Education is a process of giving and receiving information that is designed to increase knowledge of a certain topic. But what does it actually mean to be educated? Or to have vast knowledge at your fingertips?
Education’s meaning has been denatured throughout the centuries of teaching. Over time education has taken on more forms and
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To understand how education works, and why it is important, one must first differentiate between information and knowledge. While in education they may seem similar, they are uniquely different. In education information is the data that is presented or received: while to have, knowledge is to be proficient in the information, facts, theory, and/or practice of the topic itself. In other words, knowledge that is presented in education is the direct result, and goal, of exchanging information during the process of education. Foundation of education is formed from information and knowledge coming together.
Information is data that is given or received by or from a person. Information comes in many different forms and can be perceived in many different ways. Information is giving by anyone who is very credible and it will be perceived as true. Knowing where the information came from will be very important in case anyone wants to question the source of the information.The information can be perceived as simple as a learning how to bake a cake. Information is a great way to be able to write papers or read them in another sense of how to understand the way they were written. Information is a necessary for knowledge to occur in a successful way.
Knowledge is the collection of information to gain awareness about certain topics.
Most of us can relate knowledge to the phrase “Knowledge is Power” especially in relation to
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