Experience In My Highschool Years

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Socializing at a football game; dancing at prom; maintaining a 4.0 GPA; earning college scholarships; and achieving valedictorian. These are all things I want to achieve in my highschool years because I understand the memories and experiences teenagers gain from high school can be life changing. With knowing this, I spend everyday working towards my goals and enjoying my high school experiences while they last. This is because I dedicate my time to school and enjoying social experiences rather than pursuing a stressful and time consuming part-time job. 62% of students that have a part-time job, experience stress and loss of time for schoolwork and social experiences, causing them to fail classes and never achieve their goals. Some things a teenager experiences in high school may even form the basis for a teenager’s future values and character. As precious as our teenage years may be, most teenagers are spending their time and freedom with unnecessary and stressful part-time work. Part-time work can benefit a teenager’s abilities such as responsibility and common sense. Jobs teach young adults how to earn, save and value their money. Dedication is something that many teenagers do not learn until they are forced to take part in their own lives. The same life lessons taught by part-time jobs can be taught through things teenagers experience at home or school. Therefore teenagers can teach themselves responsibility and other honorable traits by working actively on their grades

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