Experiencing Warm Hospitality And Working With Ms. Jackson Essay

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Experiencing warm hospitality and working with Ms. Jackson allowed me to personalize the theories learned in class. Without direct exposure, reading the materials would not capture the essence of what the questionnaire on Day 1 asked about the level of knowledge we have regarding the course. While my understanding was minimal, there’s no doubt I can give a clear depiction of the past several months. I’m now able to say, inclusive education encompasses the following statement – every student with a disability deserves the right to belong and the right to feel embraced as individuals who are capable of learning and thriving in the same environments as peers without disabilities. Furthermore, inclusion does not only pertain to those with disabilities, but also involves groupings of people that do not fall within mainstream America. Therefore, societal barriers alienate types of people outlined in the first assignment regarding race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, cultural variations (religion/language/country of origin), and social class. All of these categories reflect people who are ethnically and culturally marginalized. From the very beginning, Ms. Jackson grounded her oral stance towards her children with People First Language (PFL) - the proper, verbal etiquette to address people with disabilities. Therefore, Ms. Jackson introduced her nineteen-year-old son, who is nonverbal and has a physical disability. She introduced her eleven year-old and

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