Experiment 3 : Fractional Distillation Of A Two-Component Mixture

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Experiment #3: Fractional Distillation of a Two-Component Mixture OBJECTIVE The purpose of this experiment was to separate a two component mixture using fractional distillation. Distillation is a process of vaporization than condensation of a substance, used primarily to separate substances from a mixture when there are different boiling points. Fractional distillation is when the mixture has multiple substances with similar boiling points, and a fractional column is used to create multiple vaporization/condensation cycles. Fractional distillation is important when two or more substances need to be separated, but they have similar boiling points. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE Experiment was followed as stated in CHEM 2420 Experiments in Organic Chemistry from the University of Wyoming, written by Dr. Ed Clennan and edited by Malgorzata M. Clennan. However, the following deviations were made. In step 5c, 0.74 grams of boiling stones were added. In step 6, the heat was set to medium and was turned higher as the experiment progressed. RESULTS Figure 1 is a distillation graph of temperature in degrees Celsius vs volume of distillate in milliliters. Figure 1 Figure one differs from a graph the simple distillation graph in diagram 2 of the lab manual in the sharp increase in temperature at the 14 ml mark. Diagram 2 is less sharp of a slope, while figure one shows a much sharper change in slope. As stated in the objective, the component that is missing in simple

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