Experimental Experiment

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The trial conducted by the University examining a drug’s effect on individual’s speaking habits was conducted in the form of an experimental study. The researchers chose to create two groups to participate: a treatment group that received the drug and a control group that was given a placebo. Based on how the treatment group responded to the drug compared to the control group without the drug, researchers could state that the drug led to improved speech. This structure of study differs from a correlational study where there are no variables being manipulated, and the intent is to find a correlation between two measured variables. In addition, an experimental study can lead researchers to determine a relationship between the independent and …show more content…

Additionally, the drug could have an impact on the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain responsible for decision making (among other things). Those in the treatment group could experience a decline in their ability to evaluate a situation and make the right decision – they would have fewer inhibitions on their actions. These personality and decision making changes were not observed as a part of this study, but the treatment group did report a decrease in ability to move the left side of their body. This decrease in function of the left side of the patients’ bodies could be a result of the drug affecting more areas of the frontal lobe than strictly the Broca’s area; among other roles, the frontal lobe is responsible for controlling the movement of muscles and a stimulation of the right frontal lobe could result in decreased motor function of the left side of the body. This commonly reported side effect suggests that the drug is unable to target only one portion of the brain - the entire frontal lobe is likely affected. A glaring error in the design of this study is the inconsistencies in the treatment and control groups. The treatment group consisted of aspiring actors looking to overcome a stuttering problem, whereas the control group was a group of children with delayed verbal development. The results gathered by the trial note what happens to the actors after they

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