Explain How Conflict Affects How We Handle It As Adults

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I think that the ways we are taught to handle conflict growing up greatly affect how we handle it as adults. For myself personally I know it has shaped it entirely. In my family growing up there were two different types of conflict that had to be handled completely different, conflict with peers and conflict with authority figures. My parents taught me to play nice but stand your ground when dealing with your peers, a little politeness can go a long way but you cannot let people walk all over you. When dealing with conflict with authority I was always taught to suck it up and do whatever the right thing is with my mouth shut. These are both my first instincts in handling conflicts today. I observed these in the way my parents dealt with conflict and how my parents dealt with…show more content…
After a year I broke what I had always done and stood up to him, after that I had earned his respect and we had a good working relationship. While what my parents taught me works in most situations I understand that not everyone handles conflict the same way and in some cases you have to change your methods to get the desired result. I think that being taught this way of dealing with conflict has helped me a great deal in life. I see how some of my teammates automatically hate authority figures and try to prove them wrong and I know that it most cases that simply will not do you any good because of what my parents have taught me. I chose to be firm in my word and not show grace last spring with my little brother. He is eighteen years old and a senior in high school, when he was a sophomore I caught him messing around with drugs a little. I gave him one warning, do it again and we will have a problem. This spring my parents informed me that he had been with the wrong crowd last weekend and they had heard he had tried some illegal stuff again, after finding this true I knew I had to handle
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