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The objective of the report is to convey the information gathered about strategies and plans used by Mcdonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). This report starts out with a brief introduction allocated to each of the company. Initially, we begin by explaining the planning strategies used by Mcdonald’s and KFC and then compare the plans against each other. After that, we briefly explained the importance of planning for both the companies. Following that, we explained and compared the leadership behaviour of both company’s CEO and the types of power he uses to influence others and the organisational results. We then described the 5 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for both the companies and suggested how the CEO can further motivate his people. Lastly, we defined the managerial roles played by the CEOs and did a final comparison based on these …show more content…

Participative style is where the leader and the subordinates shares their views and opinions in decision making process. This can be seen in Roger Eaton where he provides group of interactive sessions and open conversations. This is to enhance open communication and give employees the opportunity to express concerns and their ideas.

Steve Easterbrook, CEO of Mcdonald’s, adopts the selling style. Steve believes in managing the people in his company by using both directive and supportive behaviour. He displays his supportive behaviour towards his employees by motivating them to further increase their self-confidence level. In addition to this, he also shows directive behaviour by paying attention to his employees and make sure they carry out tasks correctly and under supervision.
Roger Eaton on the other hand adopts a participative style. He entrusts tasks to his employees and involves them in decision-making process for KFC and encourages them to delegate other employees to get things done instead of him supervising everyone all the

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