Explain The Different Formats To Use For Recording Information

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2.1: Different formats to use for recording information:

To Provide Information to an Outside Agency:
A successful format to provide information to an Outside Agency is for example if a school trip was organised to e.g. the farm an email or letter would be sent to the bus company so that they are aware of certain details about the trip. Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is another way of opening up information to an outside agency for practitioner such as an interpreter so that they are aware of the child’s needs.

To Monitor Progress to Support Learning and Achievement:
There are many useful ways to monitor progress to support learning and achievement by doing a checklist e.g. the teacher can do a checklist about what physical skills …show more content…

Identifying Risks:
A successful format for identifying risks is having a risk assessment in place which will support and make all individuals aware within the setting to look out for signs that may put them in danger e.g. any damaged equipment, water dripping and weather conditions. It is important to think about what certain measures to put in place in order to lessen the risk.
To provide a written response to an enquiry:
In my setting some of the following formats are used to record information to provide a written response to an enquiry is the parents would be able to send a letter or an email to the teacher about e.g. a complaint. Parents can also discuss an enquiry with a teacher when they collect their child from school about e.g. the price of school dinners.

2.2: Evaluate each of the different methods discussed:

Sharing information with outside agencies:
Sharing information is a dependable way to approach children moving from different stages in their education and at the same time assuring that the child’s requirements are secure. This however is only achievable with the agencies working in unison together. This means that they are required to go by the valued opinions of their fellow professionals reports.

Monitoring the progress to support learning and achievement:
In order for the child to reach their full potential the collecting of information on their performance

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