Explaining Ground Rules, Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Lecturer at Graham College

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The aim of this assignment is to explain ground rules, roles, responsibilities and boundaries as a lecturer at Grantham College in terms of the teaching cycle. Question: What are ground rules? Comments: Ground rules are a set of rules monitored by the tutor, agreed with the group so all learners understand their responsibilities within the learning environment. As a tutor it is important to understand that 'all learners require boundaries and rules within which to work’ [1] Ground rules can be measured by the group but boundaries must enforced by the tutor. Some ground rules may be flexible i.e. bio breaks; use of smartphones; access to external resources, but a core or common set of ground rules must be adhered to by all, i.e.…show more content…
Through this activity learners would feel more engaged in the process and would more likely to adopt and agreed these ground rules. As the group tutor I would also ensure the ‘common’ ground rules indicated above where included into the discussions and encourage participation by introducing ‘individual targets’ against which the learners could benchmark themselves throughout the learning journey. As a tutor Grantham College I need to deliver complex technical knowledge at all levels and provide a duty of care. To do this I need to be aware of the individual learners needs and ensure the subject matter been delivered is at the right level and to the right learners. This requires me to support and mentor individual learners when appropriate and identify any additional support that may need to be call upon to ensure equality and diversity has been met. Leaning Styles: Starting with the initial assessment, I as the tutor am required to conducting interviews with learners, to assessing their skills and knowledge. This involves me as tutor asking questions of and exploring the learner’s aspirations, aims and anticipated outcomes in relation to the chosen course. During this process I would hope to determine the learners ‘learning style’ using Fleming's Aural, Visual and Kinaesthetic [3] definitions in conjunction with Honey & Mumford's learning styles [4] to assess

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