Explanation Of Assessment Evidence On The Direction Of Learning And Individual Needs

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5.1: Explanation of Assessment Evidence (515 words)
The following evidence was designed during my CCP3 placement to be a formative pre-assessment to establish what my year 6 class had already learnt about the unit of work on angles as well as introduce new concepts such as problem solving and identifying key parts of an angle as to guide their direction of learning (Scott, 2013, p. 29).
The same test was completed by all students for consistency which allowed analysis of the student’s results. I was able to form a direct comparison on the direction of learning and individual needs. This formative assessment allowed me to determine and support the student 's abilities throughout the unit of work (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2007) while allowing me to determine the direction of learning for myself and my students (Victoria Department of education PowerPoint, p.4-6)
This evidence was conducted as part of a unit on length which I taught and guided by my placement teacher as part of their assessment for learning which meant that students did not receive grades as to not discourage students before commencing the unit of work. After assessing my students’ results, I realised that some students were not understanding the content and formatting of the assessment. So I decided to support those students through one-on-one sessions which allowed me to determine the areas that students were struggling with. I found that the students had trouble understanding the…
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