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Explorers and Voyagers Written Presentation: William of Rubruck was a Flemish and Franciscan missionary and more importantly, a explorer. Following the orders of King Louis IX of France, Rubruck set out on mission to convert the Tartars of the Mongol Empire to Christianity, and also to report back on the cultural customs of the empire. His orders were not unlike other contemporary diplomatic missions of the time, Rubruck’s predecessors, Andre de Longjumeau and Giovanni da Pian del Carpine also followed similar instructions from Louis IX. Rubruck’s reports of his travels to and within the Mongolian Empire are unparalleled on detail and acute observations. With such details of markets, temples and the separate quarters for Muslim and Chinese craftsman included. Rubruck’s seminal work, The Journey Of William Of Rubruck To The Eastern Parts Of The World, is renowned for its writing style more inline with a personal memoir, rather than an officially chartered account. The Journey employs the technique of classical comparison in order to help its readers understand the events in the court of the great Khans at Karakorum. However, despite the great achievements in his work, Rubruck is far less a figure of study in modern day academic study. But this should not be the case. Comparison with his contemporaries and analysing historiographical trends, is going to prove the Rubruck is far a more reliable source than that of Longjumeau, Carpine and Marco Polo, and should be treated as

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