Exploring Canada 's Ethnocultural Diversity And The General Population Essay

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Research Objectives and Questions
The broad aim of this proposed research is to examine Canada’s ethnocultural diversity and the use of CAM, specifically comparing the health-seeking behaviour and care use behaviour of Canadian residents of SSA origin with the rest of the populace. Additionally, the proposed research seeks to critically examine geographical, economic, biological, socio-cultural and prevailing health policy on CAM, and how these broader factors contribute to the less use of CAM among the elderly as compared to the younger people. These two broader aims are the gaps in CAM research both in Canada and other western countries. The proposed research seeks to achieve the following specific objectives:
1. Critically examine the link between ethnocultural ties of Canadian residents of SSA origin and their use of CAM.
2. Compare and contrast the health-seeking behaviour of Canadian residents of SSA origin and the general population.
3. Critically examine the role of geographic and non-geographic factors in accounting for the paradox of ageing, multimorbidity, and the use of CAM (that is the less CAM use among the elderly in Canada, even though they tend to be highly multi-morbid)
Consequently, the proposed research focuses and seeking answers to the following proposed research questions:
• Does the ethnocultural background of Canadian residents of SSA origin influence their use of CAM and the type of CAM used?
• Are there differences in CAM usage behaviour between

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