Exploring The Roles Of Conflict And Management

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listened to supported and understood is what I am for a deputy manager. Listening to each other and having patience with each other is very much part of how I run my team. Remembering what our shared values, goals, responsibilities as well as understanding how we as a team can successfully fulfil our roles is crucial. This helps to resolve conflict, and encourages respect for each other’s role and how hard we all work for our client’s satisfaction. “The Solution-Focused approach aims to help individuals, teams and organisations to break out of vicious problem-cycles and develop constructive, customised solutions.” Focus on Solutions (2017). Having a shared set of values which each team member not only agrees with but also has input …show more content…

Understanding that problems or unexpected issues that arise does not mean failure or a shortfall, it is an opportunity for my staff to show how adaptable they are and how well they problem solve. 6.2 Provide feedback on performance to: ( A) Individual: I meet with my team on an individual basis regularly. Through my discussions with my team member and from feedback from their team, other colleagues and most importantly the client, I am able to make a well informed decision as to how my staff member is performing and if there is any discrepancy between what they feel is happening and what really is. I then am able to identify my staff member’s success which is always pointed out to them, and they are thanked and encouraged to keep up the good work, as well as areas which need more training or effort. My staff member will always be encouraged to be honest, and to never hide anything they feel has let the client down or the team. I stress the importance of this always. When a staff member has offered their own opinion on what I feel is their performance, I always encourage them to be active in how they can keep up their high standards of working or to offer solutions to any problems they feel is stopping them performing to the best of their ability. We then will draw up a plan of action which details their successes and offers advice and provides assistance in helping them overcome any issues or problems they have. This is reviewed regularly. The

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