External and Internal Environmental Analysis

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External and Internal Environmental Analysis

Richard Moody


April 1, 2013
Ryan Derrickson

Introduction Apple, Inc. started as a computer company launched back in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The goal behind Apple Inc. was to create a computer that could be used by diverse global communities. Apple has always been very savvy in their approach on releasing the advanced technology that their company provides. Along with their innovative company computer products, Apple Inc. has expanded into other avenues. In addition, to the computers Apple Inc. has found themselves in the market of designing and manufacturing mobile and
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Competition in the market is something Apple is going to continue to expect. Competition is constantly growing especially since new competitors are always coming into the market. Companies like Microsoft and IBM are Apple’s direct competition in the computer market. This has in some way affected Apple’s profit margin, when computer companies such as Asus can sell a laptop at a third of the price of an iMac laptop. But despite the increase in competition Apple, has created a cult like atmosphere with their brand. Having worked in various studios, there are engineers around the world who are die hard Apple computer lovers.
Important Internal Strengths and Weaknesses Internal environmental analysis is defined as factors within the organization that influences their activities particularly the behavior of the employees. The internal will help Apple to continue to grow and succeed. Steve Job’s is and was one the best innovative thinkers of the 20th century. He created and developed a strategic plan that allowed continued success long after he was gone. Jobs started with the first home based computer then he was the driving force behind products such as the iPod, iTunes and the Macintosh operating system. He helped set a standard of excellence for Apple Inc. to continue building upon. Being innovative has been Apple’s claim to fame. Taking risk and giving consumers products that are not only cool but meets a person’s needs created instant success for
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