Fabrication, And Testing Of Composites Essay

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The purpose of this lab is was to expose students to the manufacturing, fabrication, and testing of composites. In addition, it provides students with experience analyzing tensile and bending failures of composites. Three tensile specimens and two bend test specimens were tested during this lab. The tensile specimens were a wet lay-up of bi-directional E-glass, and the bend specimens were made up of a nomex honeycomb core with pre-preg uni-carbon faces. The three tensile specimens were tested, their elastic modulus and ultimate tensile strength calculated, and these value were compared to published approximately equivalent material properties. The two bend test specimens were tested, their face bending stresses were calculated, the shear stress in the core was calculated, and the bending and shear stresses were compared to published approximately equivalent material properties. A failure mode analysis was conducted for both the tensile and bend test specimens. This report summarizes the theory, procedure, and machines associated with the lab. Furthermore, it graphically and verbally displays the results draw from lab, and provides conclusions to improve the lab in the future.

A composite material is a combinant of more than one material where each material retains its own material properties. Composite materials are used throughout modern society and in nature because they provide material properties that individual materials could not provide on their own.
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