Facebook : A Social Media Company Essay

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Introduction Facebook Incorporated is a social media company based in the United States that founded Facebook in 2004 and later purchased Instagram and WhatsApp. These social media platforms are accessible in multiple countries through the internet and apps on cell phones and tablets. As of November 2016 Instagram has over 200 million users, Facebook has over 1.79 billion users, and WhatsApp has 500 million users (zephoria). None of the platforms charge a membership fee and are completely free to use. Facebook Incorporated makes a profit by charging third party companies for advertising to their users. In fiscal year 2015 the company had a revenue of 17,928 million (NASDAQ). Through these platforms a user is able to upload photos, videos, and message other users. Information including photos and videos from Instagram and WhatsApp are connected to an individual’s Facebook account. Facebook differentiates itself from the other two platforms by allowing a user to add information to their profile. This information includes: name, gender, birth date, email address, hometown, education, hobbies, interests, relationship status, sexual orientation, and current address. Facebook also utilizes a facial recognition system that can assist a user in tagging someone in a photo. All of the aforementioned user information is supposed to be protected and user controlled through a privacy agreement that one agrees to when signing up for a new account or when an updated agreement is released.
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