Facebook Password Is Fair Game Analysis

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Ryan Simpson Dr. Engle English 200 Analysis Essay How would you feel if one day you were going to a job interview and the interviewer asked for your social media passwords or maybe even a transcript of your text messages? This is a question that should be raised after the Alfred Edmond Jr. article “Why Asking for a Job Applicant`s Facebook Password Is Fair Game” published by Black Enterprise Magazine. Edmond states in his article that an employee has the right to ask for the Facebook password of a potential employee. The article “Why asking for a job applicant’s Facebook password is fair game” talked about the disagreement of whether employers should have the right to ask the applicants that they are interviewing for the password for the Facebook or other social media. The article includes both sides of the argument in an unbiased manner. Edmond discussed where certain times in which asking for the password is valid, as well as when it’s not. Edmonds experience in the field of business allows him to make valid points in the discussion. Edmond believes that an employer should have the right to ask for the Facebook or social password for different reasons. One of the reasons that makes this event possible is the…show more content…
The employer should always have the right to ask the question, however the employee has the right to decline because it is their right. Edmond discusses the different type of agreements that an employee and an employer can have in case the employee declines to give them their password. One of the possible settlements is for the employee to give the employer a certain amount of time for the employer to look at their Facebook. This agreement is valid in which the employee is able to determine what amount of time they are comfortable with giving the employer so that they feel comfortable knowing that they cannot look at their Facebook randomly whenever they
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