Facilitation of Learning

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ill look at how my role as a mentor can facilitate learning and promote effective assessment in practice and also explore my role to support the students who are failing. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2008a), defines “the role of a mentor as someone who facilitates learning, supervises and assesses learners in practice setting.” The mentor is a key support to students in practice, this is where students apply their knowledge, learn key skills and achieve the required competence for registration. Mentors are accountable to the NMC for their decision that students are fit for practice and that they have necessary knowledge, skills and competence to take on the role of registered nurse or midwife (NMC, 2008a). According to Morton …show more content…

An additional part of the mentor’s role is that of accountability. When any work is delegated to a student who is not yet registered with the NMC, the mentor is accountable. They must ensure that the individual who undertakes the work is able to do so in a competent manner and make sure that they are given appropriate support and supervision. Stuart (2007) states that the areas a mentor is accountable for are

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