Facilitator Personal Behavior Reflection

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Critical Analysis of Processes
The group as a whole seemed to really have a positive process. The group members started off a bit quiet or shy, but quickly became very cohesive and recognition of different generations, and personal backgrounds was seen. The group was at the middle phase and entering ending phase. Recognizing that ending phase was approaching was talked about, as well as feelings about ending the group. The members expressed sadness but also felt happy with how much closer they felt. Signs that the group is in middle phase and entering ending are: elaborating skills, empathic skills, sharing Leader's feelings, exploring taboo subjects, making a demand for work, pointing out obstacles, identifying content and process connections, sharing data, and helping the group members see life in new ways (Shulman, 2016, p533 )

Facilitator Personal Behavior Reflection
My Style of Facilitation
My style of facilitation was the democratic style. Democratic style that was seen in this facilitator group was the conversations in group, encouraging members to share feelings and ideas, and producing all the information obtained into the best possible decision. Distribution of responsibility was also seen in the fifth facilitation meeting. Members shared their own ideas on how not to let social media affect them, and one member said she avoided it entirely. (A.R.,11/08/17, Observation of leadership style).

Values and background related to family rules
The way that my values

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