Facility Planning Part Ii Essay

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Facility Planning Part II
HCS 446

Facility Planning Part II
Development and growing a facility takes much time and contemplation with respect to regulatory requirements, budgets, planning and development of the building and the interior design of the building. Making certain code requirements are met which is usually to help the architect and contractor. Many matters must be well-thought-out during the preliminary design created by the stakeholders in the blueprint. Color collections used, which are satisfying physically and psychologically as well as noise reduction must be reflected when planning the facility. Equipment and electronic items must be determined upon prior to construction of the facility. Cost
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In addition, they should also offer security and safety.
And finally, they should be sustainable since they impact greatly on environment and are big consumers of water and energy. The designs must therefore ensure that they follow the regulations and all equipment and machines used should not violate the set codes and standards.
Color selection implications and noise issues
The color of a health care facility is important to the wellbeing and therefore the health of patients. According to Carr (2010), the colors should be calming and well-coordinated to achieve the best mental state and mood of patients and to create a cohesive atmosphere helpful to their recovery. If the colors are not tranquil, they may disturb the wellbeing of patients and even become threatening to their recovery. Noises in a hospital should be kept to a minimal to allow patients enough time to rest undisturbed and to make them feel secure. Privacy is also important and facilities should ensure they protect patients' information in the course of giving care.
List of the type of equipment needed
Outpatient facilities require certain equipment and electronic items. These items include, but are not limited to:

These include room dividers, X-ray machine, laboratory kits and products, heating and ventilation, sinks, examination beds, vital assessment equipment such as blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, thermometers,

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