Factors Affecting Family Structure

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The family is the basic social unit that is made up of parents and children. It can also be defined as a group of people that are related by blood. In this case, the family is broader consisting of several people that make up the extended family. In usual cases, families are supposed to live together as one united group that works towards a common goal. However, some families do not lie together due to various reasons but are still united by a common goal. The characteristics of a family are that it is made up of one or more adults who live together, and the children that they care for.
Different families are organized differently with different forms of composition and social structures. These structures may include single parents, young parents or divorced parents. The different structures and changes in family compositions affect the domestic life and relationships that should define a good family model (Magdanz, & Utermohle, 2007).
Thus, this study will address various issues affecting family structures especially in how the family members relate and behave towards each other. This influences the coexistence of the members of the family. It will also address various factors affecting the family dynamics, different needs and how to address them.
Background of my family
Our family is made of five-member, i.e., three children and both parents. The family enjoys a close relationship with each other, and thus we live as one and thus live so enjoyable when we are

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