Factors Affecting The Need For Industry Institute Interaction

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T. Mary Jones Associate Professor & HOD PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Ongole.
K. Prasanth Kiran Associate Professor S. S. N. Engineering College, Ongole.
“Education is the process of facilitating learning or the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and attitude. Education enlightens the people and empowers them towards many issues. An institute is a place where the student is equipped with all the required skills to face the external world. But in the present days there is a wide gap between the needs of the industry and the employability skills of graduates …show more content…

Research Methodology:
The study is an exploratory research. The research is based purely on secondary data collected from reports published by various research institutes.
Literature Review:
The industry in order to get the work done in effective manner started to give training to the employees in the initial days. But that was difficult and expensive for all the companies. In this regard the professional courses have started to emerge to meet the needs of the industry. Many companies established the institutes and colleges to prepare candidates suitable to their corporate culture. Later the educational institutes have also started to offer these courses and encouraged the people to be equipped with the required skills to meet the industry needs and thereby they can have good career opportunities. In the initial days the number of educational institutes were less and every candidate who qualifies was getting good jobs. But in the recent past we can observe that the industry requirements have changed completely. And on the other hand the number of qualified people have also aggrandized. Now the companies are also having a wider choice to select the best candidates. But to the amazement of the industry the qualified people are not really equipped with the required skills. The gap between the skills required and possessed is very

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