Education Is An Important Foundation For People All Around The World

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Introduction Education has become such an important foundation for people all around the world. Education differs from country to country. Education is very unique, education in the United States is not the same as it is in China. How can one explore their differences? Well, one can explore the importance of education, the education systems, higher education and the financial costs of education in both the United States and China. Importance of Education People all around the world attend school. Most countries have their children begin at a young age, at about five years old. According to the United States census, “In 2011, 83 million people aged three and over that the ACS recorded as enrolled in school” (J. Davis, K. Bauman 2013 p. 2).…show more content…
In recent years it has become imperative that one attend school because as technology and society evolves, it becomes more and more essential. Education is the key to more successful and stable future. It is very difficult to obtain a high paying job without any kind of education or schooling. Some jobs allow their employees without higher education to attend training to better prepare them for their job. Education is a necessary foundation to success and improvement. Education is an essential, but education differs and varies throughout the world. In China and the United different traditions and customs are applied to educate their citizens. How different are their education systems, their higher learning, and their cost of education? To explain their differences their similarities also need to be addressed. Education System in the United States In the United States the basic academic year for a student begins in August or September and ends in May or June. In the United States, students begin their education at about age five when they are obligated to attend Kindergarten; parents may choose so send their children to pre-school which is a nursery school made for children who are too young for kindergarten, but it is not mandatory. After a child attends kindergarten they begin to attend elementary school which is typically between first and fifth grade. They then proceed
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