Factors Affecting the Movement of Water Through Osmosis

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Factors affecting the movement of water through osmosis

In this I will be investigating what effects the movement of water through osmosis. Osmosis is the diffusion of water. It is the process in which fluids pass through a partially-permeable membrane. It is the movement of water from high water concentration to low water concentration. Plant cells react to osmosis by hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic.

Hypertonic – is when the water outside of the cell is lower than that inside.
Isotonic – is when the net movement is the same in both directions.
Hypotonic – is when the water potential outside the cell is higher. Therefore the water has moved into the cell and the cytoplasm is pushing against the cell
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I think that using potato cylinders to observe osmosis is the best method to use as it doesn’t take too long to do, it is simple to do and can give reliable results as the potato cylinders would be the same length and width, and most likely the same weight as well, meaning it would be easier to tell which solution had the greatest effect on the potato cylinders, by weighing the potato cylinders to see what the difference in mass is.

Chosen Method 1) I will be taking several samples from the same potato by using a potato corer to give me eighteen potato cylinders in equal size, a second potato is allowed if it is needed.
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2) Then you measure all eighteen cylinders to see what their starting mass is, I will use a set of scales to do this. 3) Once you have the starting mass you will need to add each potato cylinder to different solutions, sucrose 0.1m/dm³, sucrose 0.2m/dm³, sucrose 0.4m/dm³, sucrose 0.5m/dm³ and sucrose 1m/dm³, you will need to make sure there is enough solution to cover the potato cylinder.

4) Then you need to leave the potato cylinders in the solution for a long enough period of time, i.e. an hour. 5) Once an hour is up you need to take the cylinders out of the solution and dry them off with some paper towel. 6) After that weigh the potato cylinders again and calculate
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