Factors Behind A Business Essay

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Factors Behind a Business Robert Dorsey MT 140 Introduction to Management FACTORS BEHIND A BUSINESS Definition of the term open system An open system is a system developed an integrative such that it allows the interaction of various business environment through critical sharing of information and energy that is relevant in the development of business within an organization. Differences between different contemporary theories Starting off with sociotechnical system theory, it is focused on technology methods while preserving the employees’ interpersonal relationships. In order to make a business better is using technology which is to make the job easier, but also not forgetting the human aspect. It focuses on making sure the…show more content…
The outputs are what the inputs created. The system theory focuses mainly on one system that is called subsystems. Based on the contingency perspective, there is no “one best way” to manage and organize because circumstance vary. (Palan, 2013). Definition of terms Macroenvironment involves the background of a business to get started. It ranges from laws and regulations, economy, technology, demographics, and social values. It is important to understand the economy to become successful. If the economy is bad, mostly likely the company will not be successful due to the follow of cash. So, it is best to strategize a business before moving forward and consider the factors. Internal environment deals with activities that occur directly within the organization. It critical analyses the internal activities that shape the organization. It also helps make sure these rules are followed within the organization for the workers is why an organization have rules and policies to follow in order for everybody to be on the same page. Competitive environment tries to figure out what other business like theirs that can make them better. It also about bring something new to the business and is outside the norm to bring more attention to their business. Competitive environment is to make sure you have the best of the best ranging from the suppliers and bringing in substitute and complements of
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