Factors Influencing Procurement Methods For Procurement

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This report compares procurement proposals with advantages and a disadvantage described for each method chosen, and also recommends a solution for the project DX2335.
Factors influencing procurement method
For every project there are numerous externalities to consider before choosing a suitable procurement method, before making a selection the following factors should be considered;
• Clients resources,
Client’s knowledge of the construction industry and building procurement will dictate choice of procurement.

• Project details,
Location, Form, Function, Complexity and Uniqueness will influence time, cost and risk.

• External factors,
Consider the potential impact of Social, Political, Economical, Commercial, Technological, and Legal factors which influence the client, the project and the design team throughout the project timescale/lifecycle.

• Ability to make changes,
The client’s needs should be identified as early on as possible in the project to eliminate changes from arising later on in the design but this is not always possible, advances/changes in technology could bring altercations to the design or changes to the specifications, changes in scope undoubtedly effect time and cost.

• Timing, most projects are required to be finished as soon as possible, but it is important that adequate time for design is allowed, particularly if the design is required to be completed before construction. Planning approvals also influence procurement method. If…
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