Factors Influencing The Factor Analysis

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Factor analysis According to Maria& Eva, the factor analysis is a technique in the statistics to observe variability in the correlated variables in terms of lowers number of unobserved variables, which is necessary for factorization (Maria& Eva, 2012). Dehak, Kenn, Dehak, Dumouchel, & Ouellet, further stated that, the factor analysis is useful technique to investigate the relationship between the variables in complex concepts and the main purpose of the factor analysis is to reduce the number of variables associated with the measure and to detect the structures of the relationship between the variables (Dehak, Kenn, Dehak, Dumouchel, & Ouellet, 2011) .
The application of factor analysis widely used in social research (Steinfeld, Navon, Creech, Yakhini, & Tsalenko, 2014). The current study employs factor analysis to reduce the items’ in the questionnaire for data reduction as per the recommendations of In addition, the factor analysis is used to construct the factor based on the items’ in the scale (Wang & Ahmed, 2004). Hence, the factor analysis is used for data reduction and structuring the variables. Factor analysis has two types as discussed below, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis (Costello & Osborne, 2005).
Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) Costello & Osborne, (2005) said that, factor analysis is used to uncover the structure of relatively large set of variables in the data(Costello & Osborne, 2005). EFA identifies the underlying relationship between the

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