Factors Of Teenage Drug Abuse

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Factors Of Teenage Drug Abuse


Teenage drug abuse has been the controversial issue that influences our societies, results in health hazard, academics, peers, family as well as an increase in juvenile delinquency. According to the latest statistics conducted by Health & Social Care Information Centre (2013), 17 % of pupils in the UK have tried illicit drugs in 2012, indicates the constant decrease in the prevalence since 2001, but it could be the tip of an iceberg and more school-children must agonise over the drug misuses due to the lack of willpower. It is generally said that quitting drugs is difficult even if they have a strong will as the addiction is chronic. The best protection is therefore to not start in the first
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Solutions could be come up based on the contexts above.

Culture & Availability

It is clear that there are some common patterns of gateway to drug abuse. Oetting & Beauvais (1990) cited Peele(1985) who maintains that social, cultural and psychological factors considerably influence the extent of dependence. The cultural aspects, for example, UK rave music culture seems to have increased the prevalence of recreational drug users in late 80’s. The availability of drugs consequently became widespread among young peers of all social backgrounds (McCRYSTAL et al., 2003), in turn stimulated them to instil the habit of drug use. Furthermore, the research conducted by Oetting & Beauvais (1990) shows the majority of young abuser take more different kinds of drugs, more surprisingly, approximately 73% of students who are aged between 14 and 18, believe getting marijuana is quite easy (Miller et al,. 2000), which could conclude from those factors that ease of obtaining drugs from cultural aspects afflict abusers overcoming drug addiction.


Family plays one of the essential key role in initiation into drugs as children are assumed to have made connection with family before engaging in relationship with friends. It is widely known by many scholars that interpersonal relationships between family are strongly related to adolescent substance use because the quality of this
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