Factors That Be Analyzed For Potential Barriers For Implementation Of Project Base Learning

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Contextual Factors Contextual factors will be analyzed for potential barriers for implementation of project-base learning in alternative education sites for the Riverside County Office of Education. Evaluation if contextual factors provide and important evaluation of what factors will enable program’s success (Sanders, 1997). Assessing the needs, assets, and resources of a community school in order to plan relevant and effective interventions within the context of the community school setting (Foundation, 1998). Contextual factors will be analyzed for the effective implementation of science project-based learning. Understanding these variables will assist in the analysis, interpretation and evaluation findings of the transformational change project. Mandates and Regulations As any public school, Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) has to adhere to state and federal educational laws and mandates and regulations. By doing is specific documentation and results need to be reached by students who are enrolled at any of RCOE programs. Implementing project-base learning teachers need to ensure that state and federal mandates are being addresses as well as teaching state standards in all project-base lessons. The important mandates is implementing project-based learning that incorporates not only California State Standards but also meets grant requirement, while adopting new math and science textbooks. In the alternative education division there are extra mandates that
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