Project Based Instruction : A Great Match For Informational Texts By Nell K. Duke Essay

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Whenever I think about my own educational experiences, especially k-12, I think about all the textbooks I read and all the tests I took. I remember thinking how what I was learning in school was a separate entity from the outside world. Oftentimes this made learning difficult as I found myself finding the topics uninteresting and would say “when would I ever use this in real life?”. I found myself constantly trying to learn new information through route memorization and struggled with trying to remember information that I had previously “learned”.
(1) The article “Project-Based Instruction: A Great Match for Informational Texts” by Nell K. Duke, discusses the idea of implementing project based learning and how it can greatly improve student’s education. According to Duke, project based instruction involves “working over an extended time period for a purpose beyond satisfying a school requirement”. This includes doing projects in order to “build something, to create something, to respond to a question [students] have, to solve a real problem, or to address a real need” (Duke 1). The article talks about the benefits of this type of instruction and specific examples of how it can be implemented in the school curriculum and Common Core State Standards. Duke also emphasizes how the projects that are implemented should serve a real- life purpose so that students feel more engaged knowing their work will be seen by others outside the classroom and can even help solve a real-life
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