Factors that affect how the PH changes during a titration experiment

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Factors that affect how the PH changes during a titration experiment. Concentration of the alkali Having a higher concentration of alkali will mean that there will be more molecules closer together for the acid to collide with. This will speed up the reaction as collision theory suggests that molecules have to collide to react and if there are more molecules to collide with the reaction will happen faster as there is a higher chance of a collision. Volume of alkali An increase in volume would mean that the neutralisation would take longer as you would need an equal amount of the same strength acid in order to neutralise it. Furthermore in collision theory if there is a bigger space that the molecules are in then the molecules are less …show more content…

Furthermore it is transparent so I can easily see the colour change. White tile I will use a white tile as it will enable me to see the colours much easier than on a tile of another colour such as red or black. Measuring cylinder This will enable me to measure out 25mlᵌ of alkali into the conical flask. Funnel A funnel will allow me to pour the acid into the burette without it spilling which will limit safety hazards. Hydrochloric acid 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 molar 50cmᵌ for each test. This is the acid that we are allowed to use and the highest concentration we can have is 1 molar to limit risks. Furthermore the school already has 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 1.0 molar already made up. Moreover I have picked five equally spaced concentrations because I will need I large range of results to identify a trend which will be easier if I have equally spaced concentrations. Furthermore I have not used over 1M because it is safer. Sodium Hydroxide 1.0 molar 25cmᵌ for each test I will use this because it is already made up by the school. Furthermore it will limit risks as it is diluted sodium hydroxide. Burette holder I will use this so the burette does not slip over which could break it or spill acid making the test unrepeatable. Clamp stand I will use this so that I can clamp the burette onto it with the holder. This will stop the burette falling over and keep it upright so the acid flows properly. Universal

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