Faith Is A Communal Relationship Between G-D And Gd

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When one is asked to define faith, he may come up with answers which tend to actually be misunderstandings of faith. Most commonly, one is inclined to speak about how he or she “has faith.” Faith, however, cannot be had because faith is not a human possession. It is not a possession of self either. Faith is not a thing, and cannot be reduced to such because faith is a communal relationship between G-d and the body of Christ.
Faith is not about ownership, rather, it is about partnership. Because faith is a communal relationship, it involves the total giving of self, and giving up of self, for the other and the success of the other. Tilly explains that “sacrifice is the letting go of something valuable for something more valuable.” Here, G-d asks us to sacrifice selfishness for selflessness. In this selflessness, one is to gain a true relationship with G-d. This relationship does not involve the gratification of self. It does, however, involve trust in G-d, love of G-d and companionship with G-d. It does not involve “I” and “me,” but rather “us” and “our.”
Faith is a communal relationship. People of G-d are a part of the Body of Christ. For the body to function properly, all of the cells, tissues, organs, etc. must function to their fullest …show more content…

Terrence Tilly directly calls this misunderstanding into question. “G-d is not necessarily a thing.” If G-d is not a thing, then G-d cannot be had. G-d is not an object, a goal, or something to believe in when one wants something. Many tend to pose these things as the source and object of faith. One, however, do not realise that when he reduces G-d to self-gain, he unintentionally is worshiping himself. Although, these things pose value in the human life, they cannot be of value as it relates to faith. These things are not the object of true faith. To be faithful involves total trust and love in G-d. G-d is the irreducible source of

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