Family From My Family With Trust, Support, Unconditional Love, And The List

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When I think of the word family many thoughts and feelings circulate through my mind. I associate family with trust, support, unconditional love, and the list goes on. However, if I were to describe family from my experience, I would have to define it as the people who accept you no matter whom you are despite the flaws and mistakes one has made throughout their lifetime. Therefore, having a family that cares and supports one in whatever it may be is a true blessing that one should not take for granted. As I was working on my genogram and gathering information from both my mom’s parents and dad’s parents, I quickly realized that I did not know much of my dad’s side of the family. Therefore, it was pretty evident in my genogram that I did …show more content…

Since my mother’s parents struggled financially my mother was forced to help them. She would take care of kids to help her parents pay the rent. She started taking care of kids when she was only ten years of age. As soon as she turned twelve, she started working with her mother cleaning banks. My mother recalls having to clean all twelve floors of the bank. After hearing my mother’s stories and all the things she went through, it made me realize how privileged and fortunate I am to have grown up the way I did. At times, one takes things for granted and fails to realize that there are people who are not as fortunate as one. I was in awe after hearing my grandfather share his story of when he came to the United States from Mexico. At the age of eighteen, my grandfather served in the Mexican military for about two years. Then at the age of twenty he came to the United States due to the Bracero program, he remembers Sacramento being the first destination when he arrived in the United States. His job was to pick tomatoes; he did that for about 4 months and then went to Indio, California to pick Dates. He did that for about 18 months, however, he then returned to Mexico because his workers contract had run out. After going back to Mexico and working in the fields again, he then decided to make another trip to the United States on a worker’s contract. So he came to Indio, California again to pick Dates, he did that for

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