Family Genogram is Similar to the Family Tree

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Family Genogram
A genogram is a tool similar to a family tree that is used to track family history and family relationships. Genograms contain basic information such as: names, genders, birth/death dates, illnesses, social behaviors, achievements, education, family relationships, social relationships and emotional relationships (Genogram Guide, 2009). This paper will summarize finding after completing a three generation genogram of this author’s family history beginning with the maternal (Johnson) and paternal (West) grandparents. The general traits that were analyzed was the family relationships, social disorders and medical issues associated with the family.
Medical Issues
The Johnson and West family health issues is mainly hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP) for both male and female. An individual with a blood pressure of 140/90 or greater is considered elevated. It is believed by the second generation, which consist of this author’s mother and mother’s siblings, that hypertension was inherited from the first generation. The first generation consist of this author’s paternal and maternal grandparents. The third generation consist of this author plus this author’s aunts’ and uncles’ children. The third generation tend to be in better health than the first and second generation. The third general do not have any high blood pressure problems. Several of the men and women of the second generation are obese. Obesity is a factor that can cause HBP. Increased
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