Family Reflection

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This course has opened my eyes to some things I would not have considered when working with families in an early childhood setting. Living in a rural community, that is not very big, you don’t realize how much diversity you deal with on a regular basis, as well as, what it entails for a larger population. You learn in other early childhood courses and even on the job that you need to have some form of communication, but it’s not always emphasized to include their individuality. I was able to see parents in a different light, to take their thoughts into account and what is happening in their lives. We all have a story to our lives and it is important to not just have communication with a family for the purposes of activities and resources. …show more content…

I want to be able to work on my abilities to communicate in each way that a family is comfortable. I believe that this will be a situation that will be on going as families are of many different generations and cultures. It is going to take more than just having a newsletter in print, email, webpage, or even text to families. Most technologies will be able to support one type of document, but it may be difficult to try and send it out in many different forms. I think that adjusting will make it worth the effort to help keep families involved. I also think that having a communication bulletin board for families, as well as, an interactive board for families to communicate with each other. I think that helping parents understand the differences that have occurred in the early childhood settings from that of the past, it is no longer viewed as a “babysitter” position. I want to be able to give parents information that we have to do to educate their child as well as what standards we are held to with Illinois Early Learning Standards. I have seen the standards listed on the weekly planning outline that a teacher I worked with gave to each family, but it was not explained to the families. It makes sense to me to make sure the families understand what you are trying to tell them in your communications and its importance.
In conclusion, I enjoyed this course and the information that was presented. There were a lot of challenging discussions. The way I look at a family will not

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