Farmers Market Research Paper

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After standing in line for forty minutes at a supermarket, Americans finally get to pay for the food and leave. Unfortunately, the food is anything but fresh or healthy and has traveled very far to get to the final destination. Farmers Markets (FMs) are an old tradition that has barely survived this long due to the rise of the industrial farms and supermarkets. They provide the easiest way to get very fresh and healthy food, but prices can be very high at times. Even though food from a Farmers Market is more expensive, it provides an easy way to get fresh and healthy produce while helping the farmer and the community it represents. Farmers Markets should be promoted because they provide fresh and healthy food and support the farmer directly…show more content…
According to Time, “The latest research finds that the amounts of farmers’ market vouchers don’t contribute to a meaningful increase in fruit and vegetable intake, and that prices for produce were lower at grocery stores than at the markets.” this shows that it is significantly cheaper to purchase your produce at a grocery store rather than a FM. Also, these markets are only open for a few months a year due to winter, so they can be unreliable at times. According to FMC, “Some markets are only open in the spring, summer, and early autumn.” Since they are only open a few months a year and can unreliable at times. Although farmers markets are expensive and unreliable at times, they are still a better alternative to supermarkets and grocery stores. According to Joel Salatin on page 185 of The Omnivore's Dilemma, “Whenever I hear people say clean food is expensive, I tell them it's actually the cheapest food you can buy." Joel Salatin believes that in the long run, it will cost you less because the food is healthier and will save you money in doctor visits. Although FMs may be expensive and unreliable at times, it is a good price to pay for the food you are getting and will save you money in some
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