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For nearly 100 years now the fast food epidemic has spread through the U.S like a modern day delicious plague, for which many college students have fallen victim too. Unlike the bubonic one this modern-day plague has had a positive effect on people ages 18-21 i.e college students every year there is a rise in the number of freshmen college students during the first year of college they will find out real fast home much time and dedication college requires to obtain and hold a high GPA during this period they as well will forget all hopes of eating healthy. “eat healthy feel healthy. eat bad feel bad.” A general saying about how the food quality we intake makes us feel when in reality fast food is a more convenient way to get the food …show more content…

All this extra time without even considering the time out of the day that it takes to travel as well as go in a pick up everything you need

Mhmmm that was some good kale… said no one ever. A very important reason many college students shouldn’t eat healthy is because when we eat food that taste good, it puts us in a better mood. You could say that eating healthy makes you feel better but if that was true, no one would ever have cheat days and it wouldn’t be as hard for people to keep up their diet. When we get the time to stop somewhere like the donut store, we have a good morning and when my day starts off god, there’s much better odds It’ll be the same by the end of the day. Not a lot of people go to sleep happy when they’re on a super strict diet and one of the most important things to me is to never go to sleep mad or upset. Drive thrus are made to come and go. Making you drive into the golden arches and leave with a happy meal and a happy day.this vital in any college student life to bee happy means to live healthy even if what youre ingesting doesn’t reflect this. Many college students are drowning in a plethora of stressful assignments so this fast fix of happiness. Instant food satisfaction is just what any student need to gain the energy back to start on there 5-page essay that is due in 3 hours. Fast food can be

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