Essay on Fathead Commercial Analysis

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American culture has become littered with commercials the past few decades. It does not matter if you are watching television or reading a magazine, you are bound to come across some advertisement promoting a product that you supposedly need to make life easier. James Twitchell even goes on to say that “The culture we live in is carried on the back of advertising” (Twitchell). Some commercials try to woo you in with sappy songs and sad images, while others take a path that will create good feelings and laughter that will leave you thinking about their product all day. Fathead, a company that sells huge life-like posters of athletes and other popular figures, takes the latter approach to selling their product. Their new “Clay Matthews, …show more content…

Matthews also makes many sarcastic remarks to the supposed home owners. The commercial even shows a cat with a bag full of money robbing the house. The way Matthews applies comedic satire to the commercial leaves people with a warm, funny feeling that makes them want a fathead, which is the whole point of producing the commercial. Just as many other companies use testimonial to endorse their products, Fathead exploits the popularity of Clay Matthews to sell fatheads. Matthews is an NFL superstar that is beloved by many sports fanatics. Matthews is also perfect for selling fatheads because the majority of fatheads are sports orientated. While having someone as popular as Clay Matthews is already enough to bring in big profit, Fathead also puts him in a comedic light, which only adds to the amount of support Fathead earns. With an adored figure like Clay Matthews selling products, it is highly likely for that commercial to succeed. Fathead most likely had huge success in selling fatheads because their “Clay Matthews, Handyman” commercial used many popular strategies to bring in customers, such as a friendly setting, comedic appeal, and a powerful testimonial. Fathead used all these tactics to produce an almost perfect commercial that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Many commercials may use the same format that Fathead uses but with the combination of a great product and the comedic

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