Faulkner's Definition

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As the years progressed William Faulkner developed a serious drinking problem which resulted in his being thrown out from his duties as a scoutmaster over a boy scouts group.In 1921
Faulkner was given a job as a postmaster at Oxford University where he was responsible for sorting and sending off mail to students. Paying little to no attention to his job, Ray Cartier stated
"Faulkner often ignored the stacks of mail and refrained from sending mail off on time, which resulted in Faulkner losing his job". After William Faulkner lost his job on Halloween of 1924, he began to write seriously winning four Pulitzer prizes for his literary work. (25).
Faulkner forces the reader to explore beyond the outside of the narrative for an explanation of
Emily's behavior. This is a intimidating task because Faulkner, through his storyteller, is clearly
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The narrator identifies and comments insightfully on the external aspects of Emily's bizarre conduct, but he does not strive to explain the nature of Emily's derangement nor is he able to offer a motive which would clear up the mystery. A foul smell begins to emerge from Miss Grierson's home about two years after Miss Emily's father
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