Fear Of College

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I have heard that college is easy but In my perspective I think that college is going to be more challenging than High school because it is a higher level. I heard that in college there is more people present and that the professor’s do not care if you learn or not. They don’t care because it’s your own money that you are throwing away because you don’t want to learn. What I also know about college is that there is more work and there is less time in completing assignments. In order to survive you need to get organized, find the ideal place for you to study, and meet with your professors. Meeting up with professors can help you by getting along with each other.

My fear for college is that if I am going to keep up with the class assignments and the class grades. Another fear that I have for college is that I am scared to talking to other people because I am very shy person and in college I need to associate with people that I don’t know in order to help me in something I don’t understand. I Plan on making a change and focus on what has been assigned to me for I can be successful and graduate college. I want to graduate college to make all my family proud and to prove everyone wrong to show that I did it. I am not that scared of going to college because if my sister made it I can make it too. I heard from my sister that it is just like high school just a little
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I want to be in the healthcare field to become a Bio Technician. I am also looking forward in meeting new people and my professors from college to get to know them a little better. This can help because you are getting to know all sorts of people and it helps them understand what person are you. People are also looking forward in to meeting you because it might be their first day in college. College is something I really want to do because i’m ready to accomplish my goals and make my family
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