Features Of Market Dojo Adapting Hypercompetition

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Features of Market Dojo adapting hypercompetition i. Ability to predict new opportunities; With an industry filled with big players and less opportunities, Market Dojo can continue with their strategy of value to customers by maintaining a high quality, low priced e-auction tool. Also the advent of mergers and acquisition by the bigger companies on smaller commoditized vendors in the past 2 years can also create avenues. ii. Organizational designs that can sense restructure and confuse competitors; this dynamic approach to strategy involves MD being flexible and creatively disrupting the market as well as its own self by acknowledging ‘No advantage is sustainable’, unless they keep structuring and thinking smart. With proper investment in…show more content…
Thus, making Market Dojo fast track its technical platform, make executive decisions, improve KPI’s, get management insights and swiftly adapt to unpredicted changes and disruptions. Globalization The increasing pressure/need to compete on a global stage with limited resources means strategic decisions are necessary to secure concurrent viability and prosperity. Implementing hypercompetition to globalization would imply MD being dynamic and flexible in their competitive strategies. Using their novel and unique e-auction software (which is easy to use, ensures success and great value) which comes at a relatively affordable price puts MD well in the run for globalization as this would certainly improve their value chain creating much more streams of income home and abroad. Being a hypercompetitor MD has to also harness creativity and innovation as well as manage with agility such that even beyond this market tool, they are able to build a catalogue of prospects to continually give them sustainable competitive advantage keeping customers, clients and prospective partners thrilled. However, going global certainly comes with a cost as there would be a surge in expenses, drain of resources, more competitors, more staffing, more offices, making available more language translations for market tool
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