Federal Agent: A Stressful Career

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A federal agent is a stressful career. It is a stressful career because they work up to 50 hours a week. They can be called in at any time of day. You have to have a Bachelor's degree to be a federal agent. They have to use a lot of research to do their job. They use research everyday that they work. Federal agents keeps the nation’s safe.
A federal agent’s salary can be different for different agencies. The pay for Homeland Security it’s eighteen to thirty-three dollars an hour,but for Central Intelligence it is fifteen to forty-five dollars an hour. Pay rate varies based on job performance. They can be exempt for certain sales tax for items for the job. (National and International security industry,2015) To be a federal agent you have …show more content…

You have to know about law and government. Which is knowing the laws,government regulations,legal codes, executive order and agency rules. You also have to knowledge in public safety and security knowledge of policies,relevant equipment and strategies to promote public safety.Then have knowledge of custom and personal service (customer satisfaction). Know the all the aspects of the English language. Know education and training(to teach people). (Criminal Investigators and Special Agents,2016)
The education that you need to be a federal agent is a four year degree in any major. Some majors that will help would be criminal justice/police science,cyber/computer forensics and counterterrorism,financial forensics and fraud investigation,law enforcement investigation and interviewing,law enforcement intelligence analysis. The cost ranges from $5,884 to $17,141 dollars per year. Some colleges with the highest enrollment are Houston Community College, Austin Community College District, East Los Angeles College, Florida State University.(Criminal Investigators and Special …show more content…

The most popular to be employed by are Homeland security, the Justice, Treasury and Defense Department, FBI,DEA and CSI. Homeland Security is the third largest department. They employ more than 180,00 federal agents. Homeland Security has twenty-two different agencies over the world to unify against terror. They have a great affect on other law enforcement. Homeland Security offers jobs in Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Secret Service. They also transfer function from the Department of the Treasury, Justice, Defense, FBI, Secret Service, Transportation, and U.S. Coast Guard. Many of the well known agencies have many different departments that often not known about them. They have different departments for the different needs of the the country. (Federal Government Jobs,2016)
Federal agents use research as if it’s their everyday workday. They use research to track down criminals. They use both qualitative and quantitative research. They use qualitative research to gain an understanding of why a criminal did what they did. They use quantitative research to collect knowledge of what the criminal did before. It’s a daily occurrence for them to use research to do their job.(Criminal Investigators and Special

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