Female Athletes And Sports Teams Essay

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POLI 1P97 Research Essay Female athletes and sports leagues are viewed as less important than men’s professional athletics. This is because gender stereotypes are still evident in our society, which is shown in the way women are presented in sports media and that sports leadership roles are mainly male oriented in our society. There is a small percentage of female voicing at the higher levels of sports organizations, in Australian and Canadian leagues. This reflects why we need more women at the heads of these organization to make women’s sports more diverse in terms of both genders. Kids grow up watching male dominated leagues and most families don’t ever watch any female sporting leagues and don’t introduce their kids to those leagues. Young boys have all these male athletes to look up to and young girls don’t have that same opportunity as there is nowhere to watch female athletes. When female athletes are presented in media they are usually sexualized and only viewed for their physical features. This research essay will explore how women are viewed as second class athletes and why they are presented in media less than men. Woman sports leadership associations are mainly male dominant and on the Women’s sports league panels are a small amount of women representing the associations. This is shown in the West Tiger’s rugby league club as they only have around 30% of female participants at each of their conferences. “The chair of the West Tigers rugby league club, Marina

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