Female Role Model

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As children begin to develop and mature, they gain a lot from the people around them. Kids seem to pick up on every little detail, good or bad. When children live in a household associated with drugs, alcohol, or abuse, they are more apt to following the exact same path as their elders. Even families dealing with divorce seem to notice more rebellion among their kids. Children generally take after their parents or parental figures. They need positive guidance and encouragement as they grow up. It is said that girls are typically more sensitive than boys, and tend to need more of a female role model as she develops. As a female matures and grows she needs a motherly figure to support and guide her through the various stages of her life.…show more content…
She needs someone to be able to call about any issue she is dealing with. A best friend or many friends are needed to help her along her new obstacles in life. As she reaches womanhood and has children of her own, she’s still going to have concerns and questions. She still needs someone to be able to go to. She needs someone to help her adjust to the new situations in her life as an adult. It is essential that children are raised in a caring home with many positive influences. It has always been known that men must go out and earn a living, provide for their families, and always be strong and decisive while women will are loving, caring, understanding, and feel the need to serve and protect their family. Many girls take mothers for granted. Moms are there to help you tie your shoes, brush your hair, get you ready for school, put on your makeup, and even prepare you for your first date. There 's no replacement for a real mom. No step mom, de facto mom, grandma, or aunt can fill the role, no matter how much they try or how well meaning they are. Girls without an actual mother in their lives need a motherly figure to help guide them in life. They need positive female role models to help them learn and grow as a
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