Feminism : The Purest Form Is Defined As The Belief That Men And Women Are Equal

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Feminism in the purest form is defined as the belief that men and women are equal in all aspects of life- socially, economically, and politically. As times have evolved, society has come to recognize the feminist movement as a credible and truthfully real social issue. Yet, women are still valued less than men. Women are still portrayed in a light that does not shine as a bright as a man’s. In the late 19th century, the term “feminist” became a widely known term due to the high demand of woman’s rights not only in the United States but as well as other countries such as China and Egypt. I selected to write about three of the four primary sources towards the end of Chapter 18. The primary sources that I have selected all focus on global feminism, in which each author provides their own voice and stance on women’s rights. The first one is a speech discussing how women’s rights aren’t separate from all equality. The second document discusses how women are treated in general in comparison to slavery. The third and final document that I had selected is told by a woman discussing her opinions on the idea of Islamic women covering themselves up with a veil in public. What united all three of these primary sources is the idea that women’s rights aren’t equivalent compared to a man. The fact that such prejudice is still a factor throughout the years and what is shocking that it’s still an issue today. SUMMATION: For the purpose of this paper, I read and gathered my primary

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