Fighting Video Games Addiction : Video Game Addiction

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Fighting Video Game Addiction
Gabriel Rosario
Baker College

When parental neglect ends up being the cause of death for a child, it seems like the whole news cycle starts. Whether it 's a mother or father leaving an infant or toddler strapped inside a car on a hot day, or a child who sits day after day while her parents get their methamphetamine fix over and over, it 's a story that grabs at the hearts of those who read it. So when a Korean child named Sarang starved to death at the age of three months because her parents were too busy playing a video game to feed her, the whole Internet stopped and took notice. The fact that the name ?Sarang? means ?love? only added to the irony of the whole situation. Her parents met online, players in Prius, a popular Internet game that has since gone under. The father was 41 when their baby died...and the mother was almost two decades younger than him. They had made avatars so that they could solve the game?s central quest: to bring up a virtual child together. Players who complete the quest would get an Anima, or the final key for the game. In the meantime, Sarang 's mother was pregnant in real life. She only saw a doctor one time before having Sarang ? and then jumped right back on the game, although the couple would say that it was to make the money that

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